Carol's Latest Love Story

September of this year will complete the fifth year of the passing of my husband.  Knowing my growing desire not to be alone and wanting a companion, a friend of mine suggested I contact a matchmaker named Carol Morgan.  I am from Chicago, now living in Colorado, and became open to the possibility of creating a new life elsewhere. I took a leap of faith that Carol could connect me with a great guy.   Six months before I met Carol I had literally written down 15 qualities I wanted in a partner , the top three being: 1) a sense of humor or an ability to laugh with me;  2) an intelligence that encompasses intuition as well as acquired knowledge, and 3) a man filled with kindness toward me and toward other people, including children.  And then I put the piece of paper away.

Before meeting Carol, I watched a You Tube video in which she was being interviewed on a news show.  I was delighted with her charming, honest personality.  A sincere desire to connect mature men and women as long term partners was imbued in her very essence. I liked that she had a sense of humor, and it seemed she perceived her clients as friends rather than mere business prospects.  I realized that almost thirty years ago this “work” or service had really come to her as a calling, while genuinely helping her own father find a mate upon her mother’s death.  This was important to me because it was completely different than online dating or other matchmakers, in which people have been hired and it’s their “job” to match people up, or computerized systems that base everything on statistical models. This was just not my style and I was thrilled to find someone in this highly technological world who could treat this process with warmth, intuition, and a personal connection.

I called Carol on the phone and the same qualities came through. I set up a interview and all of the qualities were there when I met her in person. I had been a little nervous but she put me at total ease, and we laughed and talked for over an hour like old friends.  There were unique qualities about her business I loved.  She doesn’t use a computer—instead her filing system is pink and blue index cards. She doesn't rely on photos or share photos with prospective matches. She doesn’t share your age with the prospective client. And she doesn’t encourage texting or intensive question asking before the first date.  She encourages connecting by phone briefly, and then setting up a nice old-fashioned date where the man really treats you like a woman.  Carol encouraged me to be open on geography, as the right man is not always just around the corner. Although I usually like to move forward according to my own strategy (I have a logical background as a financial analyst), I sensed and felt very comfortable going with Carol’s lead and suggestions. I felt safe and comfortable putting my wishes in her hands. 

Well, when Carol Morgan is the conduit, the Universe delivers. Within a short time, I was introduced to a man in Philadelphia who matched not only my first 3 qualities, but 14 of the 15 things I had written down.  He is bilingual and has lived in Dominican Republic, Canada and the Northeast USA and likes to travel, all of  which is right up my alley. We are now dating with both of us open to living together and or marriage.  We are amazed that we felt  from our first moments having a glass of wine together that we have known each other for a lifetime. We love the same things like international travel, symphony, wining, dining, and children.  Everything Carol said about him was spot on.  He honors my spirituality which is very important to me. And he is a family man, loves nature, tennis, and downhill skiing.  He has a strong intellect and he sees the world as a fascinating playground as I do.  As she had told me “he has Old World values and is a real gentlemen”.  We are mutually kind and caring of each other, and we are both filled with gratitude upon finding one another.

He and I just what Carol Morgan "delivered".

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